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Meet Philipp Melanchthon!
Meet Martin Luther!
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A warm welcome to Lutherstadt Wittenberg

world · culture · experience Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the home town of Dr. Martin Luther, the Great Reformer, and the city affectionately known as the “Cradle of the Reformation”. See the Luther House, the Castle and Town Church, and all the other historic buildings made famous by Luther and his colleagues during the time of the Reformation.

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WORLD • Lutherstadt Wittenberg

People from all over the world come to Wittenberg to walk in the footsteps of the great reformer Martin Luther. To draw inspiration by the noticeable spirit in this famous historic city centre of Lutherstadt by the River Elbe. Lutherstadt Wittenberg arouses strong feelings of emotions, impressions and exhilaration. Some visitors come to Wittenberg by undertaking a bike tour on one of the greatest cycling routes in Europe; other pilgrimages walk via the "St. James Way" or the "Martin-Luther-way" to Wittenberg by foot.
Once the world was changed from Wittenberg, now the world meets in Wittenberg!

CULTURE • Lutherstadt Wittenberg

With the countdown towards the 500-year anniversary of Luther’s posting of his Ninety-Five thesis against the sale of indulgences - the so-called Luther decade heading towards 2017, in Lutherstadt Wittenberg appears to be the focus of the Christian world and is attracting fans of art, culture and history. Every year there is a burst of high-profile events, including art exhibitions, musical performances, symposiums, historical celebrations and festivals. With four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the largest Reformation history museum in the world and the unique surrounding natural and cultural landscape of the Biosphere Reserve Middle Elbe, plus other UNESCO heritage sites close by, it is clear why Wittenberg is a veritable centre of world culture.

EXPERIENCE • Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Anyone who believes that to encounter “Lutherstadt Wittenberg” lies in the past does not know about the many interesting things to do in Wittenberg itself and also the region between Berlin and Leipzig. Such as the so-called “Garden Kingdom", which can easily fill more than one stay with holiday adventures. Discover for example our town and adventure tours, where the past becomes alive.

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