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Luther's Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Luther's Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Luther's Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Be there when Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora are going to marry. The Wittenberg festival “Luther’s Wedding” takes place from 12th to 14th June 2015 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Every year, thousands of visitors witness the historic moment of 13th June 1525 – the date on which Martin Luther, the former monk, and Katharina von Bora, the escaped nun, got married in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Since more than 20 years Wittenberg reminds of Luther’s Wedding with an annual festival.

Celebrate this day while the bride and groom wander with their 2.000 wedding guests through the streets of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Look forward to colorful robes, musicians, jugglers, knights, merchants, delicacies of Wittenberg, historical markets and of course to the historic parade that rounds off Luther’s Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Exclusive wedding plaques – the admission ticket for Luther’s Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

You can buy the plaques for Luther’s Wedding in the tourist information in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Children up to 14 years do not need a plaque. The plaques are valid from Friday to Sunday and give the right to enter the courts, places and the castle’s meadow.

Program for Luther’s Wedding in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Historic parade for Luther’s Wedding

On Saturday, the historic parade with Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora and their 2.000 guests starts in the historic center of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Three fanfare groups, numerous music groups, costumed inhabitants and participants from all over Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Latvia and Italy accompany the bridal couple. This group of people is accompanied by numerous animals like horses, donkeys, gooses and goats.

The historic parade takes course from the Collegienstraße to the market place, goes through the Schlossstraße, crossing the Schlossplatz, leads through the Coswiger Straße and Jüdenstraße to the Luther Hotel.

Festive Wedding table at the castle

On Saturday, the couple invites you to the castle meadow. The table is set with food out of Luther’s days. Dances and Music of the Renaissance as well as jugglery will entertain you.

Historic children’s parade for Luther’s Wedding

On Sunday, 300 children of clubs, kindergartens and schools in Lutherstadt Wittenberg start a parade. All young participants wear a beret, cape, doublet or other historical costumes. Special eye-catcher: A young “Luther couple” leads the parade. The children will be accompanied by the musicians “Hans Spielmann und Gespielin” and the juggler “Rebasius Funkenflug”.

The parade starts at the Luther House, leads through the Collegienstraße to the market place and passes the market stage.

Historic adventure areas in the city center

You will find traveled merchants and pub-owners with their products in the historic center. Children can participate in games for young knights. You will see the historic camps of lansquenet, farmers, the town watch, couriers and fanfare groups at the original sites of Reformation: Stadtkirche (town church), Schlosskirche (castle church) as well as the court of the traditional university Leucorea or the Cranach Courts. Craftsmen show you how their cars are build and musicians and jugglers talk in the streets, places and courts.

Musical Highlights for Luther’s Wedding

On eight stages an interesting and varied program is offered. The exact music program will follow shortly.

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