• Reformationsjubiläum 2017
  • Reformation Jubilee 2017
  • Reformationsjubiläum 2017
Meet Philipp Melanchthon!
Meet Martin Luther!
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Reformation Jubilee 2017

500 years of the Reformation

On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis, against the abuse of selling indulgences to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Thus setting up not only changes to the ecclesiastical world, but a worldwide "reformation", in politics, economics, science, theology, art and culture, as well as a motion of social fabric that still leaves traces today.

Since then, the 31st October has been celebrated as the beginning of the Reformation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg with one of the biggest and most beautiful festivals of Middle Germany, the Reformation Day. Which Includes a historical market, numerous church services, one of the largest confirmation meetings, theatrical performances, lectures, religious debates and delightful concerts under the programme of the Renaissance Music Festival.

Tip: If you plan to visit Lutherstadt Wittenberg around the festival, and experience this unique religious, historical, artistic and musical event, we would recommend booking accommodation and programmes as early as possible due to the high demand. The Tourist Information - Lutherstadt Wittenberg is located directly opposite the famous thesis door.

The Luther Decade is the last 10 years leading up to the 500-year anniversary of the "sale of indulgences" thesis, which is celebrated, nationwide and worldwide in 2017: the Reformation Jubilee.
Lutherstadt Wittenberg will be the central location of this anniversary, as both the home of Martin Luther, and his final resting place, and where he struck his thesis. Today, there is also the largest Reformation history museum in the world.

Each year of the Luther Decade is an essential facet of the Reformation, which is in the forefront in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, with numerous events, exhibitions, congresses, as well as a celebration of music and the arts.

  • 2008 Opening of the Luther Decade
  • 2009 Reformation and Commitment
  • 2010 Reformation and Education
  • 2011 Reformation and Freedom
  • 2013 Reformation and Tolerance
  • 2014 Reformation and Politics
  • 2015 Reformation – Pictures and Bible
  • 2016 Reformation and One World
  • 2017 Reformation Jubilee

2015 Image and Bible

Martin Luther did not only play musical instruments and write lyrics, but he also contributed German-language songs to the church service, to engage the community, which previously were held only in Latin. The Luther Decade in 2012 gives priority to the combination of reformation and music as well as the radiance of the music of famous composers. In Lutherstadt Wittenberg, you can enjoy top-class, worldwide popular events, such as the Conference and meeting of international choirs, to the music festival “Himmel auf Erden (Heaven on Earth)” and the Renaissance Music Festival:

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